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Johann Sebastian Bach - Suite No. 1 for Cello Solo in G Major, BWV1007

3. Courante
4. Sarabande
5. Menuett I, Menuett II
6. Gigue
Suite No. 2 for Cello Solo in D Minor, BWV 1008
1. Praeludium
3. Courante
4. Sarabande
5. Menuett I, Menuett II
6. Gigue
Suite No. 3 for Cello Solo in C Major, BWV 1009
3. Courante
4. Sarabande
5. Bourree I, Bourree II
6. Gigue

Constantine Kucherov, baroque cellos


Chants Of The Russian Orthodox Church

The Choir of the Church of the Navity of St.John the Precursor on the Kamenny Island in St.Petersburg

Recorded 2005


Ukranian Folk Songs

1. Lyuba-Lyuba
2. Green noise
3. Cossacks
4. Tsarevna
5. Girl from Volyn
6. My nightingale Ukraine
7. Land of Slavs
8. Falling apples
9. Do not torture me
10. Guelder-rose
11. Red flower
12. Two colours
13. Lyuba-Lyuba (karaoke)
14. Green noise (karaoke)
15. Tsarevna (karaoke)
16. My nightingale Ukraine (karaoke)
17. Land of Slavs (karaoke)
18. Falling apples (karaoke)

Vasil Vlasov, baritone



The Seasons, Op.37bis

Boris Chnaider, piano


Hymn To The Heroes

To the 100th Anniversary of the Russian-Japanese War (1904-05)

Male Choir Of The ‘Valaam’ Institute For Choral Art
Conductor Igor Ushakov


The Thorny Path Of The Fight And Torment

Songs Of The White Guard Movement And Emigration

Male Choir Of The ‘Valaam’ Institute For Choral Art
Conductor Igor Ushakov

Recorded 1997, 2003


The Legendary City Of Sevastopol - To The 150th Anniversary of the Crimean War 1853-56

1. Legendary Sevastopol. (V. Muradeli). The New Struggle. (Iv. Nikitin)
Verses [composed February 20, 1854].

2. The Falcon Hovering Along The Urals Line. "Cossacks on the Charge" (1853)
A song of Urals Cossacks about General M. Corchakov

3. We Went Into Battle At Bayandur. The battle at the Bayaundur village (November 2, 1853)
Recorded in Kharkov from retired colonel C. Basov in 1892.

4. Beyond The High Mountains, In Between Fast-Flowing Rivers. The battle at the Akhaltzykh (November 14, 1853)
The song of the 52nd Infantry Regiment. Recorded from a staff captain of the 63rd Infantry Reserve Battalion of V. Bykov in 1888

5. The Turks Are Our Malvados, The Malhechors of Christian Souls
The battle at the Sinopsis. The Russian Navy song Recorded in the First Paul Naval Academy in 1881.

6. The Whole Month Our Commanders Led Us Into Battle From The Staff Quarters. 2:52
The Battle at the Bashkadyr (November 19, 1857).
Recorded from a staff captain of the 63rd Infantry Reserve Battalion of V. Bykov in 1888.

7. Tis Not In The Wood Thicket That The Wind Is Blowing. In the Battle against Turkey"s allies (March 1854).
Recorded from an officer of the 74th Infantry Stavropol regiment of Andrian Voronkov in 1889.

8. Let"s Close Our Ranks In All-round Defense - Let"s Strike Up Our Battle Song.
The Battle at the Cholok River (June 4, 1854).  Recorded in the 63rd Regiment Reserve battalion in 1888.

9. The Frenchman Who Serves The Turk And Their Mutual Friend The Briton.
The appearance of the Anglo-French fleet off the Kronshtadt naval base June 1 4, 1854).
Recorded in the First Paul Military Academy in 1881.

10. God Is With Us! Hurray, Comrades - The Eagles Of The White kingdom
The Battle at the village of Kyuryuk (July 23, 1854).
Recorded from the choir of the training squad of the 122nd Tambov Iniantry Regiment in 1889.

11. A Soldier Song About Sevastopol. A heroic ballad for a soloist and piano.
(A. Apukhtin [1869] / K. Nikitin [September 1 5, 2004])

12. At Sevastopol We Stood, We Crashed The Mountains. "The Russian soldiers and officers at Sevastopol"

13. Let"s Recall That Glorious Day, Comrades!
Repulsing the assault of the Malakhov Hill (June 6, 1855)
A song of the 34 Sevsk Infantry regiment. Composed by battle participant, Colonel Przeslawski
Recorded from junior officer L. Kovalewski of the 121st Penza Infantry regiment in 1889

14. Let Me, Brothers, Tell You, How I Fought An English. "Admiral Nakhimov at Sevastopol".

15. Let Me Tell You, Dear Friend...

16. Only He Who Is Ready To Die Deserves To Live On. Battling against allied enemies (September 1854)
Attributed to adjunct-general, prince M. Corchakov.
Recorded as sung by junkers of the Chuguyev Infantry Junkers Academy in 1889.

17. Tis Not Black Ravens. Blockade of the Kars fortress in 1855.

18. Tis Close To Midnight, And Bright Is The Moon.
Capturing the Kars fortress (November 16, 1855).
Recorded from sergeant-major A. Starchenko of the 122nd Tambov Infantry regiment in 1890.

19. Where Are Ye, Falcons White?.. A Russian naval song.
20. The Sevastopol Common Crave. A pathetic poem for a soloist, choir and grand piano.
(A. Fet [June 4, 1887] / К Nikitin [September 21, 2004])

Male Choir Of The ‘Valaam’ Institute For Choral Art
Conductor Igor Ushakov


Mark Reisen, bass – Opera Arias And Scenes

Mikhail GLINKA. "Ruslan and Lyudmila"
Aria of Ruslan (Act 2)
Rondo of Farlaf (Act 2)

Alexander SEROV. "Juditha"
Olofem"s aggressive song (Act 4)

Modest MUSSORGSKY. "Boris Godunov"
Boris Godunov"s monologue (Prologue)
Monologue of Pimen (Act 1)
Song of Variaam (Act 1)

Modest MUSSORGSKY. "Khovanshchina"
Aria of Dosifey (Act 5) 05:17

Alexander BORODIN. "Prince Igor"
Aria of Konchak (Act 2)

Nikolay RIMSKY-KORSAKOV. "Sadko"
Song of the Viking guest (Scene 4)

Giovanni ROSSINI. "II Barbiere di Siviglia"
Scene of Bartolo and Basilio (Act 1)
Doktor Bartolo - V. Malishev

Charles GOUNOD. "Faust"
Scene of Mephistopheles and Faust (Act 1)
Faust -1. Kozlovsky

Richard WAGNER. "Die Walkure"
Scene of Wotan"s taking leave of Brunnhilde.
Magic Fire Music (Act 3)

Mark Reisen, bass
Orchestra of the Bolshoy Theatre
Conductors: Alexander Melik-Pashyev (1, 8); Samuil Samosud (2, 10); Kyrill Kondrashin (3);
Vassily Nebolsin (4 - 6, 9, 11, 12); Nikolay Golovanov (7)

Recorded in 1940’s


Alexander Pirogov, bass – Arias And Scenes From The Russian Operas

Mikhail GLINKA. "Ruslan and Lyudmila"
1. Aria of Ruslan (Act 2)

Alexander DARGOMYZHSKY. "The Mermaid"
2. Aria of the Miller (Act 1)
3. Trio of Natasha, Prince and the Miller (Act 1)
Natasha - Natalia Chubenko
Prince - Grigory Bolshakov
4. Scene of the Miller and Prince (Act 3, Scene 2)
Prince - Vitaly Kilchevsky

Alexander BORODIN. "Prince Igor"
5. Recitative and song of Vladimir Galitsky (Act 1, Scene 1)
6. Scene of Vladimir Galitsky and Yaroslavna (Act 1, Scene 2)
Yaroslavna - Eugenia Smolenskaya
7. Aria of Prince Igor (Act 2)

Modest MUSSORGSKY. "Boris Godunov"
8. Monologue of Boris (Act 1)

Modest MUSSORGSKY. "Khovanshchina"
9. Aria of Shaklovity (Act 3)

Nikolay RIMSKY-KORSAKOV. "The Maid of Pskov"
10. Scene of Olga and Ivan the Terrible (Act 3, Scene 2)
Olga - Eugenia Shumilova

Nikolay RIMSKY-KORSAKOV. "Mozart and Salieri"
11. Monologue of Salieri (Scene 1)

Alexander Pirogov, bass
Choir and Orchestra of the Bolshoy Theatre
Conductors: A. Melik-Pashayev (1, 5 - 7); V. Nebolsin (2 - 4); N. Golovanov (8 - 9); S. Sakharov (10)

Orchestra of the Moscow Musical Theatre named after Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko.
Conductor S. Samosud (11)

Recorded 1930th - 1940th


Sergey Lemeshev, tenor – Russian Folk Songs/Romances/Italian Songs

1. Troika (Bulakhov)
2. Beyond the River Desna (Bulakhov / Krasov)
3. Little Bird (Diubiyuck ; Chuevsky)
4. Oh Winter, My Little Winter, Russian Folk Song
5. Mettlesome Black Horses. Russian Folk Song
6. The Noise of the City Cannot be Heard, Russian Folk Song
7. Sweet Night. Russian Folk Song
8. About the Rowan Tree, Russian Folk Sone
9. Troika, Russian Folk Song
10. Oh You, Well Then, Russian Folk Song
11. My Bluebells (Bulakhov, Tolstoy)
12. O, Don"t Kiss Me (Varlamov)
13. Little Bird Sang (Nolinsky / Deiwig)
14. With Joy and Gaiety (Nolinsky / Koltsov)
15. Barcarolle (Schubert Pleshcheyev)
16. Serenade (Schubert; Ogariov)
17. Wonderful Eyes (Denza)
18. Forgive Me One Thing (Denza)
19. Spring (Tagliaferro, arr. Dudkevich)
20. Tell Me, Girls (Falvo . Ulatsky, arr. Dudkevich)
21. The Tender Strings of a Guitar (Biksio)
22. Spanish Song (arr. Melio)
Bonus track:
23. Tell Me, Girls (Falvo / Ulatsky, arr. Dudkevich)

Sergey Lemeshev, tenor
Orchestra of Russian Folk Instruments, conducted by Fedoseyev (2, 3) and Osipov (8)
Ensemble of Russian Folk Instruments, conducted by Semionov (I, 10) and Nekrasov (4, 7, 9)
State Academic Russian Choir, conducted by Sveshnikov (5, 6)
N. Walter (II, 12) and A. Makarov (13 - 16), piano
Musical Ensemble (17, 18)
USSR Radio Orchestra, conducted by A. Orlov (19-20) Instrumental Quartet (21 - 23)

Recorded end of the 1930th - the beginning of the 1950th


Andrey Ivanov, baritone – Romances By The Russian Composers

Mikhail Glinka (1804-1857)

1. Don"t you sing, oh, nightingale (Zabella)
2. The wind is so loud (Zabella)
3. Oh, you, night! (Delwig)
4. You won"t come back, duet (anonymous author)
5. Doubts, duet (Kukolnik)

Alexander Dargomyzhsky (1813-1869)
6. At the wild North (Lermontov after Heine)
7. I am in love, pretty girl (Yasikov)
8. An Eastern romance (Pushkin)
9. Little feet (Pushkin)
10. It is dull and it is sad (Lermontov)
11. Kiss (Baratynsky)
12. Brown hair (Polonsky)
13. Pass no judgments, oh, good folks! (Timofeyev)
14. The curly head (Delwig)
15. I am fast brought into your embrace (Kurochkin)
16. My darling, my soul (Davidov)
17. Liletta (Delwig)
18. Hide me well, or stormy night! (Delwig)
19. The night zephyr (Pushkin)
20.I loved you once (Pushkin)

Mily Balakirev (1837 - 1910)
21. Is it your silver tender voice I hear? (Lermontov)
22. The bright clear moon is in the sky (Yatsevich)

Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov (1844 - 1908)
23. For the shores of thy native land (Pushkin), Op. 26 No. 3
24. Oh, if you only could! (Tolstoy), Op. 39 No. 1

Andrey Ivanov, baritone
George Vinogradov, tenor (4 - 5) George Orentlicher, piano

Recorded beginning of the 1950’s


Manfredini – St.Petersburg Harpsichord Sonatas
Six Sonatas For Harpsichord Dedicated to Empress Catherine II (St.Petersburg 1765):
Sonata Prima, Es-dur, Sonata Seconda, G-dur, Sonata Terza, d-moll, Sonata Quarta, C-dur, Sonata Quinta, A-dur, Sonata Sesta Ed Ultima, F-dur

Vladimir Radchenkov, harpsichord

Recorded in St.Petersburg 28.06.2000 and 29.06.2000

EAN : 4607053329056


Live Recordings Zino Vinnikov Vol.1

Claude Debussy

Sonata for Violin and Piano in G minor (1917)
1. I. Allegro vivo
2. II. Intermede. Fantasque et leger
3. III. Finale. Tres anime

4. La plus que lente, valse (1910)

Camille Saint-Saens

5. Havanaise, Op. 83

Franz Schubert

Duo for Violin and Piano in A major, Op. 162
6. I. Allegro moderato
7. II. Scherzo. Presto
8. III. Andantino
9. IV. Allegro vivace

Eugen Ysaye

10. Sonata No. 3 "Ballade" for Solo Violin in D minor, Op. 27 No. 3

Fritz Kreisler

11. La Gitana

Bela Bartok

12. Romanian Folk Dances (1915)

Pablo Sarasate

13. Caprice basque, Op. 24

Zino Vinnikov, violin
Victoria Bogdashevskaya (1), Irina Sukharebskaya (2, 3, 5-7), and Vladimir Nilsen (4) - piano

Recorded live between 1967-1973 at the Minor Hall of the Leningrad Philharmonic


Live Recordings Zino Vinnikov Vol.2

J.S.Bach. Concerto No. 1 for Violin and Orchestra in A minor, BWV1041
W.A.Mozart. Concerto for Violin and Orchestra No. 3 in G major, KV216
E.Chausson. Poeme for Violin and Orchestra, Op. 25
C.Saint-Saens. Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso, Op. 28

Zino Vinnikov, violin
Symphony Orchestra of the Leningrad Philharmonic
Conductors Alexander Dmitriyev, Nikolay Rabinovich

Recorded 1966-1973 at the Grand Hall of the Leningrad Philharmonic


Zino Vinnikov plays J.S. Bach

Sonatas and Partitas for solo violin
CD 1
Sonata I in G minor BWV 1001
Partita I in B minor BWV 1002
Sonata II in A minor BWV 1003
CD 2
Partita II in D minor BWV 1004
Sonata III in C major BWV 1005
Partita III in E major BWV 1006

Zino Vinnikov, violin

Recorded 2004


S.Rachmaninov - Liturgy Of St.John Chrysostom for mixed choir a-cappella, Op.31

The ‘Rozhdestvo’ Choir of Solo Singers of St.Petersburg Philharmonic Society
Artistic director Olga Stupneva

Recorded 2001


Valaam Monastery Chants

Our Saviour from the High dwelt with us
The Lord’s prayer
From above the prophets foretold of you, oh, Maiden
Adam was sitting opposite the Garden of Eden
Litia sticheron to Sts. Boris and Gleb, Tone 6
Saint father Sergiy
The tomb and death
By the prophets You made known unto us the way of salvation
In the Red Sea
From my youth
Heruvim’s incorporeal nature
Resurrected from the coffin
Now the Powers of the Heaven
We sing unto Thee
It is truly meet
Of Thy Mystical Supper
Thy coffin, the Saviour
To the Holy Spirit
Come, brothers give the last kiss
Eternal memory…The Thrice-Holy
Glory to the Lord in the Heaven
Blessed be the Name of the Lord
Heirmos 9 of the Virgin’s canon, tone 4
Zadostoinik of the Holy Easter service
Hypakoe of the Holy Easter service, tone 4
God is with us

S. Rokositsa, tenor (1), K. Nikitin, tenor (26)
Male Choir of the Singing Culture Institute “Valaam”
Artistic director and conductor Igor Ushakov


Solovky Monastery Chants Vol.2

He Who illumined the whole Universe with His light
The eyewitnesses of the World had to see
I open my mouth
Mother in more than human wise art Thou acknowledged
In our Father"s hands
I raise my eyes unto the heavens
I weep and I wail
Whenever I grieve
Come, o my brethern in the spirit
You see me speechless
All those who have departed this world
Whenever I grieve
Do not turn away Thy face from Thy servant
thou hast vouchsafed the good thief Paradise
You rescued Zion"s captives from Babylon
From my youth
O Thy Son and our Lord
By Thy Cross
I see Thy bridal chamber
Magnification to SS.Zosima and Savvaty, the Solovky wonderworkers
Taking into Heavens
Having the Divine of the Teacher
Saint Father Savvaty
Higher than the Heavens

Male Choir Of The ‘Valaam’ Institute For Choral Art
Conductor Igor Ushakov


Russian Sacred Chants Of The 16th-17th  Centuries

1. The Great Ekaterina
2. O, gladsome radiance. Two-part chant
3. Simeon cried out
4. He Who spoke to Moses long ago
5. O, gladsome radiance. Three part chant
6. By the rivers of Babylon
7. Song of Praise to the Assummption of Our Lady
8. From my youth
9. I will lift up mine eyes unto the Heavens
10. The Angels sing Thy Resurrection
11. Open unto me the gates or repentance
12. It is truly meet. Trad. melody of the Solovki Monastery
13. Praise the Name of the Lord
14. The Only-Begotten Son. Two-part chant
15. O come, let us worship
16. The voice of the Lord
17. Thrice Holy
18. It is truly meet. Trad. melody of the Cyrillo-Belozersky Monastery
19. O, Mother Whom all men hymn
20. The Only-Begotten Son. Three-part chant
21. Let my mouth be filled with Thy Praise
22. Blessed be the Name of the Lord

Male Choir Of The ‘Valaam’ Institute For Choral Art
Conductor Igor Ushakov


Pavel Chesnokov

Vespers for mixed choir a-cappella, Op.44

The ‘Rozhdestvo’ Choir of Solo Singers of St.Petersburg Philharmonic Society
Artistic director Olga Stupneva

Recorded 2002