Country: Germany



Founded 1979 by the German Instrument maker Andreas Glatt, from the beginning the main focus of the repertory of ACCENT was on Early Music, with its overwhelming richness of genres, composers and different styles.

The Label woud like to take the inquisitive music lover on a journey through the world of Early Music. There one will come across works, which sadly are encountered only rarely in concert or even on CD. Amazingly these come not only from little known composers but also from popular composers like Scarlatti, Schütz and Telemann.

Yet the rarities were not recorded purely for their rarity value, but much more because they are important, hitherto neglected, works, recorded at the personal request of the performer.

As you can see, the performers, who recorded or have recorded for ACCENT, are among the most famous interpreters in the field of Early Music: The Kuijken Brothers, Barthold, Sigiswald and Wieland, Renée Jacobs, Jos van Immerseel, Konrad Junghänel, Erik van Nevel, María Cristina Kiehr, Paul Dombrecht , and Marcel Ponseele with his Ensemble "Il Gardellino", but also younger performers like Ewald Demeyere, Marc Hantai and Frank Theuns, or new ensembles like "La Passione" under the direction of Thomas Fey.